Welcome to Trailhead Campground

Trailhead Campground is the only campground in the area to offer ride in and ride out accommodations to PA’s most award winning Off-Road Riding Park, the AOAA.  While we are attached to some of the best ridding areas in the East Coast, we would like to remind you that there is no riding within the campgrounds.  You are permited to ride your ATV, SXS, MC, etc to and from the Offroad park and your campsite.

We are a campground with limited amenities.   This means we have no water nor sewer hook-ups.  Electric is installed in all sites. All sites have a standard 120 VAC receptical (same as your house), and a 30 AMP TT receptical, and most will also have the 50 AMP receptical.  Restrooms are portable toilets, and there are no showers.  Water is only available via a hand pump.  There is nowhere to hook up a hose to fill a camper.  Please be prepared and fill your camper before you arrive.  Sewer dumps can be found at most truck stops as you travel home.    See the Update section below for more info and time lines on water & sewer. 

Tent Camping is permitted in any site!  Hammoucks are not allowed to be attached to the trees!  With the high volume of traffic we have, the sites are very compacted to keep them from becoming mud holes when it rains.  Therefore we recommend tents that do not require stake to hold them in place.




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Pull Thru Sites

Our spacious pull thru sites are designed to allow you to fit the largest of tow rig/trailer combos. With lengths from 75' all the way up to 135'! We have sites in the woods that will fit anything you can pull down the road.

  • Picnic table and Fire Ring
  • 50 amp service on most sites(see site discription)
  • Coming with a friend? Grab a double site and have your doors can face each other.
  • Limited to 3 Adults and 3 Children per site (6 & 6 on the double)
  • Will fit One Rig with Trailer (2 in Double)
  • YES You can put a tent(s) in any Site!!

Back in Sites

As much as we try to make all sites a pull thru, it doesn't always work out.  Our back in sites are also a favorite among the tent campers. Please note some sites will require you to disconnect from your trailer, or unload it before parking.   

  • Picnic table and Fire Ring
  • 30 amp service on most sites(see site discription)
  • Coming with a friend? Grab a double site and have your doors can face each other.
  • Limited to 3 Adults and 3 Children per site (6 & 6 on the double)
  • Will fit One Rig with Trailer (2 in Double)
  • YES You can put a tent(s) in any Site!!

Group Sites

Group’s sites are set-up so your entire Group or club can all stay in the same area.  Each group site includes a 20' x 32' Pavilion and your own parking area.  Each group site is set up different see description of each site.

  • Extra large site 
  • From 30 amp to 5- 50 amp hook ups
  • Picnic tables and larger fire ring
  • Max of 15 persons
  • Limited Parking for Trailers



Site Type


MAX Persons



Group Site





Electric Site Back-in





Electric Site Pull Thru





Double Electric Back-in





Double Electric Pull Thru





XL Electric Pull Thru





XL Double Electric Pull Thru








Speed limit in the Campground is limited to 5 MPH!

Check in any time after 6:00 PM

Check out any time before 5:00 PM

Check in procedure is – You can setup in your site any time after check-in time. Head directly to your site, no need to stop and see anyone, one of our staff members will note that you have arrived.  If you pre-ordered firewood it will delivered shortly after check-in time, 6:00 pm.  Firewood delivery ends at 9 pm or dark, whichever happens first.  If you arrive after this, your firewood will be delivered the following morning. 

Check out procedure is – Clean-up your site, drop your garbage in the dumpster provided and have a safe trip home.

All ATV, MX, SXS, and all other OHV are required to wear a helmet at all times!

Trailhead Campground is just that, a campground.  We are not a riding facility!  We are attached to over 8000 acres of prime riding area.  We know you are excited to get out there and tear it up. Hold back on the temptation to pull off the trailer and whip a donut, or, Power slides, hole shots, wheelies, racing, and any other movement of your OHV that is beyond 1st gear idle will not be tolerated and are grounds for immediate dismissal for the campground without refund. Remember 1st gear up to the AOAA will take a whole 20 seconds longer then full out. Is it worth getting kicked out of your camp site to save not even a half of a minute?

To guarantee your campsite, full payment is required at the time you make your reservation. Make your online reservations anytime, day or night, at www.trailheadcampground.com. You'll receive a confirmation email from the campground once you complete your reservation.


Need to cancel your reservation? If you need to cancel your reservation, please call with your Confimation Number. Text and email notifications of cancellations are not acceptable. See below for more details on cancelations.

  • 8 Days before your reservation to receive a full refund, minus a $5.00 admin fee.
  • 7-3 Days before check in time refund minus the first night.
  • 48 hours before check in time no refund on Site, add-ons only refunded.
  • Pavilion, Concert Venues, or Lodges & Unique Accommodations:These units may have special deposit and cancellation requirements.

Additional Fees

  • Early checkin Fees - May be applied anytime before check in time
    • Single Site - $50 AM, $20 PM
    • Double Site - $90 AM, $40 PM
    • Group Site - $200 AM, $80 PM
  • Site Cleanup Fees
    • Fire Ring - $50 Bottles, Cans, other garage left in Fire Ring.
    • Litter left about site - $50
    • Fecal Matter in site - $150 (yes we have to address this for some reason)
  • EV Charging - $50 per day fee (entire booked stay), plus dismissal from campground

Tent camping is permitted in any site. Hammocks may not be attached to the trees.

General Rules

  • Speed Limit - is 5 MPHin ENTIRE CAMPGROUND. Please keep our children safe!
  • Trailhead Campground is not Part of the AOAA!  If you wish to use the trails at the AOAA, you are required to register with the AOAA and purchase a pass at the AOAA Office.  The AOAA has posted hours that differ from the Campground.
  • Trailhead Campground is just that, a campground.  We are not a riding facility!  Remember we a family friendly Campground.  No one wants to have stones thrown on their children, their camper, or any other property.  Power slides, hole shots, wheelies, racing, and any other movement of your OHV that is beyond 1st gear idle will not be tolerated and are grounds for immediate dismissal for the campground without refund!  THIS RULE IS STRICLY ENFORCED!
  • Campground to AOAA traffic must enter and exit thru the main driveway!  No other trail access is approved at this time.  Anyone entering the AOAA trail system after hours, or without an AOAA pass, or thru any other means, will be in violation of the law and subject to criminal prosecution. As well as being banned from both the AOAA and Trailhead Campground.
  • Helmets– Anyone operating a non DOT manufactured vehicle, is required to wear a helmet at all times.  This rule also applies to “dual sport motorcycles” and all OHVs
  • OHVs – are defined as any motor driven vehicle designed for Off Highway Use.  ATV, UTV, SXS (side by side) MX, Dirt bike, Sand rail, Dune Buggy, etc. DO NOT USE your OHV as a mode of transportation within the campground.
  • OHV Traffic is limited for travel from your campsite to the AOAA parking lot ONLY!  Do not use your OHV for travel around the campgrounds.  All OHVs must be parked in your site by 10:00 PM!!
  • Quiet Time - is 10:00 PM to 8:00 AM Daily. Holiday weekends are 11:00 PM - 8:00 AM. All children must be with parents at campsite by 10:00 PM. Radios at TVs should not be heard beyond your site. No loud gatherings or parties at your site.  There are areas available for large gatherings, inquire with management.  Please be considerate of your neighbors.
  • Generators
    •  Only allowed in case of a power outage, and must be off during quiet hours.
    • Generators are not allowed in any primitaive or Overland site.
  • Camp Fires - must be in the rings provided. NEVER leave a fire unattended and extinguish before turning in for the night or leaving campground.
    • Firewood - is for sale at office or from the Campground Hosts.
    • There is NO cutting of standing trees or branches permitted on campground or neighbor’s property. Anyone that cuts any tree, sapling, or brush, will be arrested, fined, and banned from the campground and the AOAA for life!
    • PA state law bans moving firewood from other states due to insects.
    • NO PALLETS/ Construction lumber!!! 
  • Adults - in accounting for campsite occupancy, are defined as anyone 16 years and older.
  • Children - Parents are responsible for children at all times. Please do not leave children unattended.
  • Pets - are permitted at site. All dogs must be kept on a leash at all times. Please clean up after your pet. Do not leave animals unattended.
  • Alcohol Policy - PA legal drinking age is 21 - this law will be enforced, by the Police. Alcohol is not permitted in any common areas. DO NOT take alcohol to the AOAA!  DO NOT have any alcoholic drinks before riding at the AOAA!  If you drink in front of a Staff member, they are required to pass that information along.
    • NOTE: PA Law – You can be charged with a DUI anywhere in Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, not just on the streets. This includes on a bicycle.
  • Firearms & Fireworks - are PROHIBITED in campground. This includes all types of guns, BB guns, paintball guns, etc. Fireworks are not permitted.
  • Disruptive Behavior - If the police are called by the management or another camper, due to disruptive behavior, this camper or campers will be immediately required to leave the campground. This includes Seasonal Campers, with the seasonal agreement becoming void. There will be no refunds to any person in this situation. Please do not put yourselves and management in this situation.
  • Insurance/Theft - We are not responsible in the case of theft of RV or contents thereof; nor for any damage caused by natural causes (i.e. tree falling); nor for spoilage of refrigerator/freezer foods due to loss of electricity. All activities in the campground are done at the individual’s free will and Trailhead Campground, nor SKS Solution Services, LLC, will not be responsible for injury to guests or for loss of money/valuables of any kind.
  • You are entering a natural and wild area, by your own free will. Trailhead Campground, nor SKS Solution Services, LLC, will not be responsible for injury to guests.  Hazards include, but are not limited to: rocks, trees, stumps, insects, wildlife, areas under construction, falling limbs, items left by other campers.
  • Visitors - All visitors must leave the campground by 9:00 PM. You are responsible for the behavior and actions of visitors at your site.
  • No Smoking - in any/all buildings and restrooms. This is PA law.
  • Office/Store - Hours are posted on door. Vary by season.
  • Restrooms - Please removed all personal items from restrooms. Any articles left in restroom will be disposed of when restroom is cleaned. Restrooms always open except for cleaning.
  • Trash - you can dispose of your trash at the dumpster in the parking lot. Anyone leaving garbage in their site will not be allowed to return to Trailhead Campground. 
  • Trees- Do not attach anything to the trees in and around your site.  The trees here are very sustitable to damage.  
  • Water Usage - Washing of cars, OHVs and RVs is prohibited.  Trailhead Campground’s water has to be trucked in, keep this in mind. You are asked to fill your Camper before you come to campground.
  • Closed Areas – There are sections of the Campground that are closed at certain times. DO NOT enter these areas! This is for your own safety!  
  • By accepting these rules and policies, you are responsible for all persons in your party or group.  Violations of policies by one of guests will result the same as if you did it yourself.
  • Single Sites are limited to One (1) truck, one (1) camper or enclosed trailer, and one (1) tent per site.  Or two (2) trucks and two tents.
  • Anyone parking in the campground area must be added as an "Adult" when making the reservation, this includes those whom are not staying overnight. 
  • All extra vehicles must park in the overflow/visitor parking area.  No Parking in open sites or along the roads.
  • Drones or any unmanned aircraft are not allowed in the campground.
  • RC cars are not permitted anywhere in the campground, at this time.
  • All vehicles, cars, trucks, jeeps, ATV, UTV, SXS etc. must stay on the roads and sites.  We are restoring the natural areas between the campsites.  Anyone that drives or rides thru these areas will be asked to leave the campground. 
  • Pavilions: No vehicles of any kind maybe parked under the pavilion.   
  • Electric driven bikes, unicycles and scooters are prohibited in the campground.  
  • The only approved entry to the trail system is thru the AOAA parking lot. 
  • EV Charging is not allowed at the campground. Anyone that charges at the campground will be assest a $50 per day charge, and removed from the campground.

The AOAA and Trailhead Campground are separate entities!  Do not ask the AOAA Staff about Trailhead Campground policies or procedures.  The same applies with asking the Campground Staff about the AOAA.  While both the AOAA and the Campground try to help when we/they can both will make changes or have special events going on that we/they would not have all the details on.

For up to date AOAA rules see: http://www.aoaatrails.com/plan-your-visit/aoaa-rules

For up to date AOAA Events see: http://www.aoaatrails.com/about/aoaa-calendar


Office Hours:

Main Office Camp Office/Store





 9 AM- 6 PM



9 AM- 6 PM



9 AM- 6 PM



9 AM- 6 PM Closed


9 AM- 4:30 PM Closed



Phone: 570-495-4453 Questions, changes, cancellations.

All reservations via website or Kiosk only

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If you have a question or a comment, we would love to hear it. Please send us an email or give us a call, someone on our staff will get back to you soon.